22K Gold Bar Pendant and Chain

Not your regular Jewelry. Assets for your Investment.



Weight: 0.456 oz
Purity: 22K (91.6%)
Collection: Gold Without Borders



This beautiful, 22K Gold Bar Pendant contains 0.4562 troy ounces of investment-grade gold and comes with an adjustable 20” to 22” chain necklace with s-hook clasp. 

Both the pendant and chain are solid 91.6% gold, the same purity an American Gold Eagle and Krugerrand. And are made by hand, ensuring the absolute highest craftsmanship. 
Pure gold pendants make excellent gifts that sure to be cherished. This wearable investment can retain value for years and years.
Each piece in the Gold Without Borders line of bullion gold jewelry is scanned and verified by X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis to ensure purity. 

About 22K and 24K Solid Gold Jewelry

Bullion JewelryTM is a discreet and portable asset with a unique history and reporting requirements.

These exclusive pieces can retain value for generations and outlast volatile currencies and unstable countries because they are:

• An unobtrusive means of transporting wealth

• Maintain a low profile when you are ready to sell

• A great gift or heirloom for a loved one 

• Exempt from 1099B Brokerage reporting requirements

Each piece is as valuable as minted gold coins and bars with a purity of 22K (91.6%) or 24K (99.9%).






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