22K Gold Bracelet (8” Length)

Purity:22K (91.6%)


Not your regular Jewelry. Assets for your Investment


The smooth 22K Komodo Gold Bracelet is made of rounded beads of solid gold that give it a wonderful, soft texture.

Inspired by traditional Asian investment-grade jewelry, it’s as beautiful as it is valuable. The 22K Komodo Gold Bracelet has a purity of 91.6% (the same purity as an American Gold Eagle coin).

The Komodo bracelet makes a great investment and an elegant piece to wear out or give as a gift.

Each piece in the Gold Without Borders line of bullion gold jewelry is scanned and verified by X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis to ensure purity. 

About 22K and 24K Solid Gold Jewelry

Bullion JewelryTM is a discreet and portable asset with a unique history and reporting requirements.

These exclusive pieces can retain value for generations and outlast volatile currencies and unstable countries because they are:

• An unobtrusive means of transporting wealth

• Maintain a low profile when you are ready to sell

• A great gift or heirloom for a loved one 

• Exempt from 1099B Brokerage reporting requirements

Each piece is as valuable as minted gold coins and bars with a purity of 22K (91.6%) or 24K (99.9%). 



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