crystal hand Bracelet Dainty Finger Bracelet

Crystal Hand Chain-"Shine On"

Your inner light is your guide through life. It shines so bright that darkness can't dim it. Let this crystal hand chain be a reminder that all your answers are within. The only thing that is required is trust. 


This T14kt Gold Fill (Swarovski Element Crystal) hand chain is dainty, yet, full of life. The clear crystals are "Made with Swarovski Elements." The bracelet is constructed with 3mm, 4mm and 7mm stones. It has a lobster clasp closure and adjustable 1/2" extender. 

Each "Swarovski Elements" Crystal Bead is individually hand wired, making every pair unique and custom to you. 

"Made with Swarovski Elements" serves as AUTHENTICITY. Which means the crystals are genuine Swarovski crystals.




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