Personalized Name Plate-Jewelry

Eternal Love❤️

Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name?”. But in fact, a name does matter.

Just by remembering someone’s name, the memories toward a certain person will appear. Whether bad or good memories. That makes someone eternal in our mind and our heart.

They could be live far away from us. They could be already passed away. But their spirits always within us by remembering their name.

Bring the spirits of your loved ones anywhere and anytime you are by our Eternal Love Gold Personalized Name Necklace.

from 14 to 22 inches length (see picture above).
• Various necklace materials; from sterling silver to rose gold fill.
• Gorgeous necklace with a personalized name or positive word that brighten your daily vibe.

Grab your Eternal Love Gold Personalized Name Necklace simply by two steps below:

1. Select your preferred material from the overview section and simply click “Add to cart” button above.
2. Write your preferred name or positive word as a note during the checkout process.



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