Touch Screen LED Table Makeup Mirror Tri-fold

Tri-Fold Lighted Make-up Mirror

This LED makeup mirror fits nicely on any tabletop with cool touch LED lighting. Tri-fold design allows you to see your face from more angles, avoiding some embarrassment such as cosmetic powders o creaming remaining on the side face.

Lighting up Face with Beautiful Glow

The white 21 LEDs provide a clean and bright reflection when you need it! The LEDs can light your face clearly and help you finish a more charming makeup.

180° Swivel and Storage Space

This mirror is 180° rotatable. It can be fixed at any positions, allowing you to choose from any makeup effect you want. The base recess can be used to store hairpin, earrings, necklaces, watch, bracelets, etc.

Dimensions:18*12 *28cm

Single Product Net Weight: 0.8 kg

Accessories:1 x USB cable



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